OceanTech Program (OT 2021)

Asia's Ocean Business Solutions Demonstrated
Live at Zhoushan, China

OceanTech Program (OT 2011)

May 19-21, 2021
Zhoushan Campus, Zhejiang University, China


Initiated By: 
Ocean College, Zhejiang University

Together Expo Limited

Special Thanks to OT 2019 Technical Co-Sponsors:
Ocean College, Zhejiang University
Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
Zhejiang Ocean University
 Committee of Ocean Technology System (OTS), Chinese Society of Oceanography
Society for Underwater Technology, China Branch (SUT China)
IEEE OES Shanghai Chapter
Zhejiang Society of Oceanography 

Special Thanks to OT 2019 International Marine Industries Partners: 

World Ocean Council (WOC)
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology(IMarEST) 

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China Ocean Technology Conference and the OceanTech Program 2021- Asia's Ocean Business Solutions Demonstrated Live at Zhoushan, China

China Ocean Technology Conference, attended by China's top academic members and international scholars, is organized by Zhejiang University and the Committee of Ocean Technology System (OTS), Chinese Society for Oceanography, biennially.  The national conference is now permanently taking place in Zhejiang University’s Zhoushan Campus.  The forth one, held in May 2019, saw the participation of 600 experts from the ocean technology sector, who met in Zhoushan, China's leading marine cluster & world renown ocean city, to exchange know-how and to discuss the latest trends, R&D and applications.

The speaker line-up was impressive, with some of most renown academicians and experts from the field in the auditorium.  The meeting involved delegates from across the nation, as well as visiting international experts.  

OceanTech International Symposium and OceanTech Program

With the support of the IEEE OES Shanghai Chapter and SUT China Branch, OceanTech International Symposium has been launched as part of an expansion initiative of the national conference in 2019.

The  China Ocean Technology Conference and the newly launched OceanTech International Symposium form part of an umbrella program -- OceanTech Program -- that unfurls into an exhibition, co-located conferences, technical seminars, workshops, and live demonstrations.  A guided tour has been hosted for delegates to visit some of the most important ocean facilities in Zhoushan. OT Talent Club continues to serve career development for China’s rising stars.


The OceanTech Program is an international showcase of the latest know-how & live demos, conceived and realized by China’s own ocean community. It is a unique opportunity to meet with old customers, exchange new idea, build new contacts, promote new products, find distributors and learn the latest developments in China through networking with the nation’s ocean community.
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OT 2019 Live Demos


Why Zhoushan?

The OceanTech Program (OT 2021) will be hosted at Ocean College, Zhejiang University (Zhoushan Campus).

Zhoushan, China’s largest archipelago and one of the nation’s leading port cities, is a popular tourist destination in Zhejiang Province. It is home to Ocean College, Zhejiang University.

In addition to Zhejiang University, Zhoushan’s local government has established collaboration with Beijing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Second Institute of Oceanography (MNR).

With State Council’s approval to establish Zhejiang Zhoushan Islands District on 2011, it became the fourth national level new economic zone and the first with such status to build a marine economy, serving as China’s strategic oceanic window to the world.

Zhoushan’s key industries include: port and navigation services, ocean technology equipment, marine engineering equipment and shipbuilding, marine tourism, marine sourced energy production, marine mining and mineral extraction, marine biotechnology and modern marine fisheries.

In 2017, Ningbo - Zhoushan port has topped global port rankings by capacity for the ninth straight year, while becoming the first port with an annual handling capacity of more than a billion tons.  Zhoushan is also a world renown ship maintenance base, with Xinya Shipyard Company, one of China’s top three shipping repair companies, located in Liuhuan.

OceanTech Program (OT 2021) Venue – Zhoushan Campus, Zhejiang University


Ocean College, Zhejiang University (Zhoushan Campus), is located on China’s largest archipelago and in one of China’s leading port cities - Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.

It has nine research institutes and one research center which include Institutes of Ocean Engineering and Technology, Marine Geology and Resources, Marine Chemistry and Environment, Marine Biology and Pharmacology, Physical Oceanography and Remote Sensing, Port, Waterway and Offshore Engineering, Marine Structures and Naval Architecture Engineering, Ocean Sensing & Networking, Ocean Electronics Engineering & Intelligent System and the Maritime Logistics and Fre Trade Islands Research Center. It has also established the Zhejiang University Ocean Research Institute and Zhejiang University Advanced Technology Research Institute Zhoushan ocean Branch. 

Ocean College focuses on China’s national strategic objectives in resources, environment, sovereign rights and deep oceans, and, the local science and technology needs in Ocean Engineering Equipment, Environmental Protection Technology, Deep Ocean Equipment and Resources Exploration Technologies, Marine Safety Assurance Technologies, and Marine Environment Monitoring and Restoration. The college benefits from its location in Zhoushan, a unique ocean environment, and Zhejiang University’s multidisciplinary structure. Ocean College strives to build a premier national ocean science education and talent base.

Ocean College’s banner meeting, China Ocean Technology Conference, attended by China’s top academic members and international scholars, is conducted biennially in May. In 2019, the 4th China Ocean Technology Conference has co-located with the new OceanTech International Symposium and OceanTech Exhibition. Fifth  events -- to be held 19 - 21 May  2021  -- will be part of OceanTech program (same as OT 2019), aiming to stage the latest technological advancements and to facilitate the growth of China’s ocean technology industry in its strategic oceanic window to the world.

Ocean College (Zhoushan Campus) Research Facilities

Ocean College owns advanced research facilities, and, counting some to be completed, include:

  • Zhairuoshan, China's first island dedicated as ocean technology test bed
  • The state engineering laboratory with local collaboration for ocean engineering equipment
  • Zhejiang Province’s premier facilities including:
    • Ocean Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Laboratory
    • Ocean Observation-Imaging Test Area, Ocean Equipment Engineering Laboratory
    • Engineering laboratory for Ocean Equipment
    • Ocean Engineering Materials Laboratory
    • Off Shore Testing Platform for New Technology Innovations and the “Smart East Ocean” Collaboration Innovations Center
  • An array of ocean engineering testing facilities, including:
    • Anechoic Tank (50m in length, 15m in width, and 10m in depth),
    • Large-scale Wave-Current-Sediment Basin (70m in length, 40m in width and 1.5m in depth, and equipped with 3D wave generator, tidal generation pipes, sediment supply system, data recording device and measuring system, and state-of-the-art automatic control system),
    • Maneuvering Rotating Arm Tank(45 meters in diameter and 6 meters in water depth, and the length of the rotating arm is 24.5m)
    • Bed-Load Flume (16m long, 0.5m wide, 0.5m high, with variable slope up to 2%),
    • U-Shaped Hydraulic Flume (16m in length, 0.4m in width, 0.4m in height, with a bend radius of 1.4m and a fixed slope of 0.5%; the maximum flow rate is 150L/s.),
    • Large-Scale wave-current Flume (75m in length, 1.8m in width, 2.0m in height; the maximum experimental depth is 1.5m, and the maximum flow rate is 0.8m3/s.),
    • Precise Experimental Hydraulic Flume (25m long, 0.6m wide, 0.5m high with a variable slope up to 0.5%, accuracy less than 0.1mm, and the maximum flow rate is 180L/s.),
    • Annular Flume (3.6m with inner diameter of 3m, groove width of 0.3m, height of 0.6m; maximum experimental depth of 0.5m),
    • Geophysical Fluid DynamicsGFDRotating Tank(diameter of 3m and a total height of 1.5m with the water tank height of 0.5m and rotation speed ranging 0-20 rpm),
    • 60MPa Pressure Tank (with an inner diameter of 3 meters and effective length of 4 meters; and maximum operation pressure of 60 MPa),
    • Dual Six-Degree of Freedom (6-DOF) Platform (dual 6-DOF platforms, the bigger platform measures 3.5*3.5 square meters, and the smaller measures 2.5*2.5 square meters)

OceanTech Program (OT 2021) Overview Floor Plan

Introduction to The Committee of Ocean Technology System (OTS), Chinese Society of Oceanography

The Committee of Ocean Technology System (OTS), based at Ocean College, Zhejiang University, was established in 2017 in Zhoushan. The formation of OTS was initiated by the Zhejiang University community and approved by the Chinese Society of Oceanography. OTS’ primary objective is to help fulfill China’s initiatives for strengthening its oceanic capabilities.

OTS’ scope covers the technology and equipment employed in the studies of ocean sciences, marine resource exploitation, environmental protection and national security assurance. 

OTS’ roles include organizing academic seminars, conducting internationally collaborated projects and optimizing available resources by substantiating, assessing, awarding and promoting innovative programs to foster ocean technology development.

As a national platform for the marine disciplines, OTS supports domestic innovation by establishing systematic R&D and manufacturing channels. Additionally, OTS works with experts in the ocean technology equipment community to create demand to accelerate the scientific, technological and commercial advancements of this sector.

OTS advocates for expanding education and training for the industry, and provides advice on national strategies, policies and decisions to support the development of new technology clusters and commercializing ocean technology innovations.

Among the founding members of OTS are  (in no particular order)

-       Zhejiang University

-       Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IDSSE, CAS)

-       Shanghai Jiao Tong University

-       Hunan University of Science and Technology

-       Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR

-       Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

-       China Shipbuilding Industry Corp No. 702 Research Institute

-       Tianjin University

-       Ocean University of China

-       Harbin Engineering University

-       National Deep Sea Center  

-       Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences

-       The Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

-       China Shipbuilding Industry Corp No. 710 Research Institute

-       China Shipbuilding Industry Corp No. 715 Research Institute

-       National Ocean Technology Center (NOTC)

-       Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, CGS   

-       Shanghai Ocean University

-       Hangzhou Dianzi University


About Together Expo Limited

As the Middle Kingdom’s Initiatives deepen to integrate the region’s economies through advancing infrastructure and tighter and broader exchanges, Together Expo’s role to engage the business and public communities worldwide culminates when the OceanTech Program (OT) was launched in May 2019.

Since its incorporation in 1992, Together has organized shows covering an array of sectors – wherever more sophisticated technology is needed to modernize China’s own industries. As China became the World Factory, energy and resources were vital to the country’s growth, Together consolidated its resources into the energy fields to stage up Asia’s premier China Coal & Mining Expo and China’s only national scale geology show.  Both Together Flagships are hosted in the capital Beijing.

As China emerged as a global investor and cross-border venturer, Together captured the change, and has now entered into the ocean that connects all the continents of the world.

Exhibits Profile

Subsea Cable Systems

  • Cable Assembly and Processing
  • Communication Cable, Umbilical Cable, Sonar Cable, Customized Cable
  • Watertight Connector
  • Underwater Cable Surveillance and Monitoring & System
  • Cable Harnesses


Marine Structure Design Systems

  • Fundamental Design, Modelling
  • Complete Design
  • Structural Intensity Analysis
  • Quick Analysis
  • Hydropower Analysis
  • Outfitting Design


Anchor and Riser Systems

  • Anchor Chain- Braided Rope , Wire rope, Polymeric Rope
  • Seabed Pipeline
  • Anchor Chain  Launch & Recovery Equipment (AHTS)
  • Pipeline Installation Equipment
  • Other Seabed Recovery Equipment and Device


Deck Machineries

  • Cranes, Hoists & Winches
  • Rust Cleaning, Polishing & Lacquering Equipment
  • Cargo Handling System
  • Waste Handling & Treatment
  • Oil Transportation
  • Emergency vessels, Small crafts
  • Safety & Security Equipment
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Survival Equipment


Propelling Systems

  • Propellers
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • Rudder Machinery
  • Engines
  • Fuel Systems
  • Engine Room Auxiliary Machinery
  • Stabilizing Equipment


Navigating & Positioning Systems

  • Navigation & Position Receiving System
  • High Accuracy Satellite Global Position System
  • Inertial Navigation & Positioning System
  • 3-Dimensional Instrument
  • Real time Dynamic Position Surveillance System
  • Electric Gyrocompass
  • Echo Sounders
  • Heave Compensation Equipment


Ocean Physics & Hydrographic Observation Systems

  • Tidal Observations
  • Temperature, Depth, Salinity and Pressure Observation
  • Ocean Current Monitoring
  • Ocean Weave Monitoring
  • Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Organic Compound, PH-value, Chlorophyll, Blue Green Algae Measurement
  • Hydrologic Observation Chain
  • Meteorological Parameter Observation
  • Wind Field Measurement
  • Sonic Velocity Measurement
  • Water Level Monitoring
  • Eco-environment Monitoring
  • Density Measurement


Geophysical Exploration of Ocean Floor

  • Single Beam Echo Sounder
  • Multi-beam Echo Sounder
  • Side Scan Sonar System
  • Sub-bottom Profiling Survey
  • Deep Strata Profiling Survey
  • Ocean Magnetometers
  • Underwater Metal Detection


Underwater Optical Systems

  • Underwater Laser
  • Fluorescent Light
  • Underwater Movie & Photograph
  • Underwater Imaging System
  • Underwater Laser Scanner


Ocean Resources Sampling Technology and Processing Equipment

  • Sediment Sampling Technology
  • Water Sampling Technology
  • Biologic Sampling Technology
  • Underwater Rigs
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Mining Truck
  • Vibrating Sampler
  • Twist Drill Sampler
  • Pressure Retaining Sampler
  • In-situ Cultivation Equipment
  • Pressure Retaining Transferring Equipment
  • Core Density Testing
  • Core Structural Testing
  • Porosity Testing
  • Geotechnics & Mechanics Testing
  • Infiltration Rate Testing
  • Offshore Gas Hydrates Sampling Technology
  • Sea Bottom Manganese Nodule and Cobalt Crust Sampling Technology
  • Sampling Support Facilities for Underwater Vehicle
  • Saturation Level Testing


Marine Survey, Mapping and Post-Processing Systems

  • Marine Gravity Survey
  • Marine Magnetic Survey
  • Seafloor Heat Flow Measurement
  • Marine Electrical Detection
  • Marine Radioactivity Survey
  • Marine Seismic Survey
  • Post-Processing Equipment
  • Post-Processing Software


Ocean Bottom Seismograph and Forecast Systems

  • Acquisition Sensor
  • Communication , Forecast


Ocean Energy Exploitation & Utilization

  • Wave Energy
  • Ocean Current Energy
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
  • Osmatic Pressure Energy
  • Tidal Energy


Ocean Remote Sensing Systems

  • High Accuracy Remote Sensing Image Processing Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 
  • Optics, Radar Satellite
  • 3D Photogrammetry


Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Subsea Oil & Gas Treatment
  • Oil Spilling Contingency Plan & Response
  • Oil & Gas Transportation
  • Drilling Equipment (Oil & Gas)


Ship and Offshore Platform

  • High Speed Vessel
  • Multi-hulled Vessel
  • Unmanned Patrol Boat
  • Survey Ship
  • Yacht
  • Rescue Vessel
  • Research Vessel
  • Floating Production Storage & Offloading Systems (FPSO)
  • Ocean Going Vessel
  • Specialized Fishing Vessel
  • River and Ocean Combined Transportation Ship
  • Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platform
  • Semi-submerged Platform
  • Tension Leg Platform(TLP)
  • SPAR
  • Floating Wind Turbine
  • Marine Ranching Platform


Subsea Testing

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles(ROV)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(AUV)
  • Diving Equipment
  • Oxygen Gears
  • Underwater Navigation, Positing & Communication Systems
  • Underwater Acoustic Release
  • Underwater Battery
  • Underwater Pressure Resistant Chamber
  • Robotic Arm
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Special Marine Material( Light Weight, High-Intensity, Corrosion Resistant)
  • Buoyancy Materials


Seacoast, Port Engineering, Ocean Environment

  • Seabed Sediments Observation
  • Marine Environmental Monitoring (Antifouling & Oil Spill Survey etc)
  • Coast Erosion Monitoring

Consultation, Training , Education Institutions

  • Classification Societies
  • Diving Certification
  • Journals
  • Colleges ,Research Institutions , Centers


Industrial Associations

  • Worldwide Ocean Technology Associations, Societies, Research Institutions , Centers, etc.
  • Various Ocean Talent Clubs
  • NGO, Student Unions, etc

OT 2019 Review

"Slam-duck" OT 2019 Program conducted live in Zhejiang University Zhoushan Campus on May 16-18, 2019.

Spearheaded by Zhejiang University’s Ocean College, OT Program is an International showcase of the latest know-how & live demos conceived and realized by China's Ocean Community. Zhejiang University is consistently ranked among China’s top three institutions. 

Over 600 leading Ocean Science and Technology experts from universities, institutes, government agencies and companies converged on Zhoushan attend the 4th China Ocean Technology Conference in 2019.

Also Talks from Sea Bird, EdgeTech and TDRI on their latest technology made integral parts of OT 2019. 




Oceanographers from around the nation were brought on board the Zijingang survey ship to view Laurel’s multi-beam survey demos in action offshore. Zijingang also carried R2Sonic 2024 arrayed with two USVs -- 5.5m and 3m -- each with R2sonic equipment on board.


The campus also opened its newly built Manoeuvring Rotating Arm Tank for other cutting- edge demonstrations.


With simple signing ceremony, OT 2019 established the OT Talent Club, all OT exhibitors are automatically become members, the club aim to serve career development for China’s rising stars, supporting the next generation of marine professionals.  


Icebreaking in the evening day before the Conference and Exhibition opening.  


Exhibitors brought onsite their latest developed equipment and technology.

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